About Us

  Cree International Corp. Nootropics

Founded and started in the month of June 2019. Located in Mesa, AZ. by a CDL "A" truck driver / inventor who needed a extra kick in energy to stay up during the long hauls and sluggish part of the day after eating a meal.

He read about nootropics like piracetam, aniracetam, and coffee than started on his own brand called Cree International Nootropics. Named after one of his beautiful daughters that he help raise in Arizona and Michigan where they both reside now.

Our brand of nootropics are natural cognitive enhancers supplements with energy-boosting substances ( i.e.caffeine ) may improve cognitive development, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, speed of information, mental control  contribute motivation in healthy individuals.Cree nootropics are only 250mg per capsule we recommend to take them 3x a day to intensify.

Our brand division of coffees is our liquid nootropics with rich smelling aromas that intoxicate the tastes buds in any part of the day for a energizing alertness. 

Aniracetam which has been shown to positively modulate the AMPA receptors and conventional treatment for ADHD. Aniracetam is also known as N-anisoyl-2-pyrrolidinone which in studies shows it's better than Adderall (since it can be highly addictive).

Piracetam research suggests that taking piracetam may enhance brain function and reduce dyslexia symptoms, protect against myoclonic seizures, reduce dementia and symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and also reduce inflammation and provide pain relief.